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Need a copywriter in Perth? We should talk.

What I do

I write digital copy for small to medium businesses including websites, blogs, e-newsletters, digital campaigns and social media.  I also write copy for brochures, sales letters and other printed material.

One thing I don’t do, is outsource.  I believe in delivering great customer service and copy to match. So I never pass your copy on to someone else, I do it all from the briefing to the final draft. I’m responsible for giving you copy that makes you stand out from the crowd.

My experience

I have been writing for businesses for more than 6 years and writing copy in different industries before I even knew what copy was! From writing a Local Government community newsletter to writing reports in the transport industry. I’ve also worked in customer service, executive support roles and retail.

I also know a lot about agriculture, so if you’re looking for a copywriter who understands agribusiness – we should talk. I know there aren’t many of us around!

My background and experience gives me a unique skill set to give you great copy for your marketing materials.  And to round it off nicely, I’ve been trained by one of Australia’s top copywriters, Bernadette Schwerdt.

Why you’ll enjoy working with me

I’m a people person and I love helping others by putting their ideas, thoughts and inspiration into words that engage and compel their audience to take action. I promise that working with me will always be a pleasant, stress-free and positive experience.

How I Work

Step 1 : Scope

I always charge a set fee so that you know exactly what your project will cost – no nasty surprises when you receive your invoice.  But to do this, I need to define the scope of work before I start.

Things I need to know to give you an accurate quote are:

  • What is the copy for? Is it for a website, brochure, flyer or video script?
  • How many pages of copy do you need?
  • What type of pages are they? (e.g. Home, Services, About)
  • Have you prepared any content yourself?
  • Do you know how long you would like the copy for each page to be or are you happy to follow my recommendations?

Step 2: Quote

Once I know all the details, I’ll give you a comprehensive quote outlining the details of the job and all inclusions, like meetings, phone calls, research, etc.

Step 3: Deposit

I charge a 50% deposit before commencing and if the project value is below $150, I charge 100% upfront.

Step 4: Briefing and timings

The briefing is when I get to know you and your business. We can do this in person, via skype or on the phone. The important thing is that I learn as much as possible so that I can tell your business story persuasively. We’ll work through important things like your USP, features and benefits, target audience and much more. The more I know, the better your copy will be.

I also lock in some timeframes which can vary depending on availability.

Step 5: Start writing

Now I can get down to writing your copy. Depending on the size of your project, once I start writing I can get the first draft to you within 2-3 days.

Step 6: Drafts and amends

I generally do 3 versions of your documents (first draft, second draft and final draft). This gives you two rounds of amends. I use track changes and comments for amends to make finalising of the documents quick and easy.

Any additional amends are charged at an hourly rate, which is detailed in your quote.

Step 7: Final Payment

Once you receive the final invoice, the balance is due within 7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

People often ask me similar questions about my copywriting services. I’ve compiled the ones I get asked most frequently. I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Many people think that copywriting is the same as copyright. Copyright refers to the legal ownership of a document and is not related to copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of writing words that sell. And that’s what copywriters do, they find the right words to promote your business or sell your products and services.

I specialise in writing digital copy for websites, blogs, e-newsletters, digital campaigns and social media as well as copy for brochures, sales letters and other printed material.

I have written copy for various industries, from Local Government to Pet Treats, Transport and Logistics to Agribusiness. But even if I haven’t written for your industry before, I’ll quickly get down to the details.  And that’s what makes a great copywriter, the ability to write for any one – any product, service and industry.

How much I charge is dependent on many factors such as what you need written, how much you need written and how soon you need it completed by – to name just a few. Once I know a little more about your project, I can easily provide a price estimate or a detailed quote. I charge a fixed rate for all projects which means you’ll never be charged more than quoted.

Get in touch for a detailed quote now.

A 50% deposit is required before starting on any project and the balance is payable 7 days after the delivery of the first draft. If the total value of the project is less than $150, I require 100% upfront.

After getting a bit more information about your project, I’ll provide a detailed quote that outlines everything my fees include.  My fee includes everything I need to get the job done – meeting and travel time, research, writing time, editing and revisions.  All projects automatically include two rounds of copy to review.

This also depends on how much you need written, how complex the project material is and my availability.  Once we agree on the project cost, I’ll provide clear deadlines for each stage.

I know how important it is to stick to deadlines, that’s why I guarantee my deadlines. If I miss the deadline, the copy is free.

I’m a people person – I promise that working with me will always be a pleasant, stress free and positive experience.

I don’t do any designing but can provide some ideas and suggestions if you are completing the design yourself.  The copy needs to fit the design space allocated and complement the design too.   If you have a designer, I can work directly with them to ensure the copy fits and looks great.

There are a few folks that I trust and really enjoy working with. From web developers to designers, printers to photographers I’ve listed some professionals I gladly recommend on my Services page.

Because I care.  About my clients and the success of their businesses.  I’m not a word mill – churning out meaningless, repetitive copy for the masses. I value every piece of copy I produce.

The next step is completing the brief. This is the document that guides the project goals. I usually schedule 1 ½  to 2 hours for the briefing as this step is crucial in ensuring I nail your project objectives.